Learn About Green Planet - High Quality, Cost Effective Nutrients

Hydro HQ have tested a number of different nutrient programs to determine the best value for money options for our customers and to instil confidence in their feeding mechanism.

A simple but robust feed schedule is probably the most important part of your grow. It can ensure you place more of your focus on your environment, equipment and training.

From our extensive testing and feedback from customers in Australia and abroad, Green Planet Nutrients ( Buy @ Hydro HQ ) was by far a standout program when it comes down to value for money. Both small and large scale growers have seen huge improvements in quality and quantity since implementing the full Dual Fuel feed program from Green Planet.

How does Dual Fuel work?

The base for the Dual Fuel feed program is the simple to use 2 part set. Both bottles are used in a 1:1 ratio throughout the feed program, providing your plants with the essential micronutrients of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium along with a number of secondary micronutrients that your plant will need throughout grow and bloom periods.

Dual Fuel 1 (or Part A)

This first part of the 2 part application contains higher level of Nitrogen and Calcium which combined support basic plant function and promote enzyme activities and plant cell structure.

Dual Fuel 2 (or Part B)

The second part contains higher levels of phosphorous and potassium. Phosphorous has a key role in healthy root development, nutrient transport throughout the plant and the essential process of photosynthesis. Potassium, has a key role in converting the phosphorous into energy which your plants use to strengthen cell walls which is important in supporting larger yields.

Duel Fuel is added to your nutrient reservoir and should be added separately to ensure that there is no nutrient lockout.


A couple of essential additives


Rezin is an award winning flavour and aroma enhancer which is added throughout the flowering cycle to promote essential oil and resin production. IT works by providing readily available sources of molybdenum and vitamin B1. Molybdenum is a micronutrient which is vital in converting nitrates into valuable forms of nitrogen and amino acids. It also functions to assist in transportation of inorganic phosphorous into a form that the plant can uptake more easily.

B1 is added to increase the essential oil and resin content to assist in making the plants terpene profile more effective, essential in enhancing the desired aromas and flavours.

Improved terpenoid profiles is what produces the sticky, resinous, trichome covered flowers we have all come know love from a high-quality crop. If you are looking for visual improvement on your flowers, better extraction results and more complete aroma and flavour profiles then Rezin is your go to product.

Important note: Rezin DOES NOT contain plant growth regulators. It also does not impact PPM/EC making it a great, easy to use additive with huge improvement potential to your grow.

'Rezin will push size, aromas and flavours to bring out the best qualities of your growing plants'

Application: 2ml/L during the last 2 weeks of your vegetative cycle. Continue at the same rate through bloom until harvest


Massive Bloom

One of the most effective and comprehensive flowering additives in the market, formulated with macro and micro nutrients required to increase flower size.

The formula contains:

  • unique blend of carbohydrates
  • specially formulated vitamin profile
  • chelated mineral profile
  • combination of essential nutrients
  • formulated with L-form amino acids

The formula offers:

  • phosphorous and potassium guaranteeing larger yields at harvest
  • improved aromatics, essential oils, chlorophyll content, photosynthesis, CO2 utilisation, cell expansion, thicker cell walls and resistance to stressors.
  • Most importantly, it assists in aggressively promote and transport vital fluids and cell building materials to the flower sites.



Other products in the Green Planet feed schedule which will see you obtain optimum results with your grow:

  • ProCal - (Calcium / Magnesium supplement + iron, nitrogen, boron & zinc)
  • Vitathrive - Propagation fertilizer to assist your plant through it's vegetative cycle.
  • PK Spike - PK booster for flowering plants
  • Liquid Weight - Complex carbohydrates used to help develop impressive aromatic flowers and fruits
  • Plant Guard - Potassium Silicate supplement to help build plant defences

Another reason to seriously consider Green Planet from Hydro HQ is that although it is a Canadian owned company, it is licenced to be produced in Australia, and therefore is manufactured in Melbourne, Australia. This means that you save on shipping and can be confident that you are supporting locally made products.

If you have any questions about Green Planet and how it can help with your crops, contact the team at Hydro HQ.

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