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More and more people prefer to use organic soil in their Melbourne gardens, eschewing fertilisers and chemicals. As you know, organic growing techniques are earth-friendly and healthier for humans and backyard wildlife because they prevent imbalances in the natural food chain. Discover our product range before creating a vegetable or flower garden.

Why You Should Find Out More About Our Organic Soil Products

You will save money, time, and trouble if you consider what you need the soil to be capable of before getting started. Healthy topsoil contains beneficial bacteria, earthworms, and fungi, while healthy subsoil plays a vital role in drainage and plant root nutrient absorption.

  • Hopefully, there is a layer of nutrient-rich clay below these, and you want the profile of the different layers to stay the same. Bringing the clay layer to the top and burying the topsoil underneath will be detrimental.
  • Living or organic soil provides fertility and counteracts topsoil loss, water pollution, and toxic runoff. It also averts the death of beneficial organisms, birds, and insects through soil contamination and wards off the residues from synthetic fertilisers, fungicides, herbicides, and pesticides.
  • We supply Easy As Organics products, certified by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia (NASAA) as containing organic production input. It consists of a nutrient-dense, mineral balanced, living dirt blend that provides vibrant, top-quality raised bed and potted plants.
  • Discover more if you want to promote a diverse ecosystem of beneficial microorganisms and predator insects that form part of the food web that breaks down organic matter and releases plant-available nutrients in living soil.

Insects may even generate compounds that boost natural plant immunity, protect against disease, and destroy pests.

Products to Supplement Organic Dirt

Plant and animal materials decompose to create organic soil, forming mineral- and nutrient-rich mini-ecosystems containing microorganisms that breathe life back into the ground, giving it the restoratives it needs to feed the plants that sustain animals and humans.

  • In the natural forest, leaves and trees fall, animals and insects feed on fruits and other matter and leave waste. These activities impact the soil to create a foundation for future growth without synthetic, modified ingredients and chemicals.
  • Consider our Southern No-Till Worm Castings - produced in Victoria - to enrich organic soil in raised beds and crop production containers. The product contains abundant fulvic and humic acids, microbes, and plant-available nutrients.

You can use Easy As Organics Water Only Soil as a base for no-till gardening and re-use it if you take the appropriate care.

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